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What is Spot Welding?

Spot welding is one of the electric resistance welding method for joining metal sheets.

conventional spot welder myspot spot welding machines


H(Heat)=0.24 x I2(Current) x R(Ohmic resistance) x t(Energized time)

Based on Joule's law, the heat generated at the area of contact resistance point between metals by the current flow. Melted nugget join two metal sheets.


There are several kinds of spot welders. Appearance are different at each type.
MYSPOT is one of the spot welders.

  • A : X gun type, C gun type
    x gun type spot welding machine
  • B : Pedal operated type
    pedal operated spot welding machine
  • C : Fixed type
    fixed type spot welding machine
  • D : Portable type
    portable spot welding machine


  • Guns are able to carry or transport.
  • Low initial cost investment.
  • Very high pressurizing system.
  • Easy to penetrate into automatic control system.


  • Have to handle heavy guns, and need to setup fixtures to hold products.
  • Unstable pressurizing system.
  • Need someone to hold products. Much risks of fracturing hands.
  • High initial cost investment for robots and controllers.
myspot welder machine
  1. Easy handling by articulated arms.
    • Easy operation
    • improve productivity
    • Capable for deep location of the welding spot.
  2. Pressing force created by air cylinder.
    • Air cylinder creates high pressure
  3. Table type lower electrode.
    • Products could be set on the lower table electrode.
  4. Set the upper electrode to the welding point first.
    • Less pressurized shock. Accuracy of welding point. And also less possibility of fracturing hands.
  5. Option
    • Chiller (Cooling Unit)
    • Tip Dresser (Tip grinder)
    • Counter

MYSPOT is a new spot welding machine that has many advantages and no conventional spot welder can achieved.

MYSPOT provides you great benefits in operation and production.

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