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My Spot - Spot Welding Machine

The Koyo-Giken My Spot spot welding machine is the first advancement in spot welding since, well... the spot welder itself. It is by itself revolutionizing the difficult world of spot welding.

What makes a My Spot Welding Machine so unique and productive?

  • My Spot is a table based, Mild or Stainless Steel Resistance Spot Welder, using "floating" welding guns that allow your welder to move the tip to the weld spot.
  • My Spot machines are so easy to learn, even semi-skilled operators can make perfect welds that are virtually invisible, minimizing downstream clean-up!
  • My Spot virtually eliminates fixturing, resulting in a 50% increase in productivity!
  • My Spot welds are the "Coolest Spot Welds You'll Never See" because they are cool to the touch.


See our E-brochure for a complete look at how the My-Spot can transform your spot welding department, efficiency is just a 'click' away!

My Spot brochure

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