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  • CoastOne Press BrakesInternational Technologies sells CoastOne electric press brakes. These electric press brakes represent the newest generation of servo-electric press brakes.
    • C-One 500 Press BrakeThe Cone 500 is one of the electric press brakes, manufactured by CoastOne, that is available from International Technologies.
    • C-One 900 Press BrakeThe CoastOne Cone 900 is a high accuracy press brake. This is one of 4 industrial press brakes available through International Technologies.
    • C-One 1300 & 1600 Press BrakeThe CoastOne 1300 / 1600 is a large industrial press brake available at International Technologies.
  • ACF Corner FormerThe ACF CornerFormer Machine is a corner former machine for sheet metal forming. The flexible corner former machine is best used for door and panel fabrication.
  • My Spot WeldersThe My Spot welding machine is a revolutionary piece of spot welding equipment. International Technology sells this spot welder, and also provides additional information about the My Spot welding system
    • Basics of Spot WeldingInternational Technologies explains what is spot welding, gives some spot welding basics, and compares the my spot to a conventional spot welder.
    • Characteristics of a Table Spot WelderLists the characteristics of the table spot welder. Also compares the working efficiency of the my spot table top spot welder and a conventional spot welder.
    • Cost Efficiency of My Spot WelderSpot welding technology has very high cost efficiency. These tables and charts show the my spot table welding costs and how it cost efficient the spot welder can be.
    • My Spot Application SamplesThe My Spot Welder has many spot welding applications. Some My Spot application samples include switchboard panels, steel furniture, and signboards.
  • Leifeld Metal SpinningInternational Technologies is proud to be the North American distributor of the Leifeld Metal Spinning Machines. Leifeld is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of machine tools for chipless metal forming.
    • Leifeld KSA SeriesThe Leifeld KSA series metal forming machine is a high precision cnc horizontal profiling machine commonly used in manufacturing of demanding safety equipment like seal ring slots in break pistons or clutch housings.
    • Leifeld SC SeriesThe Leifeld SC series spinning machines operate via playback CNC-control and are a competitive alternative to established processes such as deep drawing.
    • Leifeld PFC SeriesLeifeld's PFC series profiling machines master profiling processes like splitting, folding, and rolling.
    • Leifeld FFC SeriesLeifeld's FFC series machine is especially designed for production of complex drive components, as for instance thin-walled, external and internal gear teethed lamellae support, and clutch housings.
    • Leifeld EN SeriesToday's high-performance necking-in machines are designed specifically for manufacturing high-pressure gas cylinders.
    • Leifeld ST SeriesFlow forming is an innovative production process enabling companies to show responsibility, economically as well as ecologically.
    • Leifeld WSC SeriesThis machine is designed for producing wheels for passenger cars and trucks, especially for spinning or flow forming of rim contours on aluminium wheels, steel wheels, or wheels made of other high-strength alloys.
    • Leifeld AFPM SeriesThe new AFPM machine concept has unbeatable advantages for producing cylindrical, conical or even stepped tubes and poles due to high flexibility, low investment and tooling costs, as well as drastic weight saving potentials.
  • EHRT Bending & Punching International Technologies is proud to distribute the EHRT Punching and Bending machines. EHRT is a world leader in precision machining of flat materials.
    • Professional Punching MachinesIT is proud to present the EHRT CNC professional punching machine line. These 3 axis industrial punching machines are designed for high loads.
    • Professional Bending MachinesEHRT cnc bending machines are exceedingly powerful CNC bending machines which allow bending of single pieces and small batches just as accurately and efficiently as series-produced parts.
    • Standard Bending MachinesEHRT bending machines are exceedingly powerful CNC bending machines which allow bending of single pieces and small batches just as accurately and efficiently as series-produced parts.
    • Standard Punching MachinesEHRT standard punching machines are exceedingly powerful CNC punching machines which allow automated, efficient & accurate processing of metal stampings.
  • Karmetal Band SawsInternational Technologies is now distributing Karmetal band saws. This line of high quality band saws boast cutting capacities up to 31.5 in round, square and rectangular.
  • Used MachineryInternational Technologies carries used sheet metal machinery. Available used sheet metal equipment are listed on the site.
  • HomeInternational Technologies is the North American importer of Metal Spinning Machines, CoastOne Press Brakes and ACF corner formers.
  • CompanyWith a team of management, service and support, with over 100 years combined experience in the metal fabricating industry, we did something very few others ever have.
  • My Spot - Spot Welding System BrochureWatch as our My Spot welding system goes to work in this video demonstration.
  • Metal Forming Machines Video LibraryWe have many videos from Coast One and ACF Cornerformers. View these amazing state of the art machines in action.
  • Metal Forming Industry LinksHelpful links to other websites in the metal forming and metal folding industry
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