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CNC Turret Punch Press

The iPunch from MVD is a CNC Turret Punch Press machine that is hydraulically driven. A total of four axes are controlled. The X- and Y-axes are responsible for the sheet transport, the T-axis for the rotation of the turret, and the C-axis for the rotation of the swivel-mounted tools. The turret has 32 stations to allow punching complicated, multi and different size holes parts in a single operation. The indexing devices of the tools ensure punching in any angle setting, which is indispensable for sheets with different cutting angles.


cnc turret punch press


Press Capacity : 30 ton
Maximum Sheet Weight : 1250 x 4000/5000 mm
Maximum Sheet thickness : 6 mm
Biggest tool hole diameter : 88.9 mm
Turret options : 32 station
Positioning accuracy : +-0.1
Hits per minute : 600/900 hpm
X, Y axial speeds : 70 m/dak
Turrey Rotations per minute : 30 1/dak
Number of axis : 4 station
Air pressure : 0.85 Mpa
Overall dimensions : 5500 x 4500 x 2100 mm
Approx Weight : 15 ton


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