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Leifeld SC Metal Spinning Center Machines

Powerful Spinning Center

Leifeld has consistently advanced and perfected its spinning technology and has incorporated the results into innovative machine concepts. The current SC series of Leifeld spinning machines operate via playback CNC-control and are a competitive alternative to established processes such as deep drawing. Machine efficiency is among the most outstanding features: combinable manufacturing potential, low tooling costs, fast manufacturing processes and a high product range increase considerably the degree of utilization.

200 SC series

The 200 Spinning Center is the new standard spinning machine made by Leifeld. Apart from several optimizations, Leifeld maintains its well-proven machine concept with solid structure and easily accessible working area. The 200 SC series distinguishes itself in terms of stability, flexibility and its easy, convenient handling for operators. A true highlight of the spinning machines is the extremely low-friction guides for stick-slip-free feeding. Even with small feed rates, excellent surface quality and the highest accuracies can be obtained on parts with very thin wall thickness.

300 SC series

The 300 SC series is the "big brother" of Leifeld’s standard Spinning Center. The versatile machine is the ideal choice for a rapidly changing production program and small production batches or low quantities required. For the first time, you can program positions and feeds for all additional units in the new 300 SC series, and select these any time you want. This applies to the trimming blade and centering device as well as to the additional units, BAE. The new generation of Leifeld spinning machines gives you a decisive competitive advantage due to their extremely short setup times. 

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