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Leifeld PFC Profiling Machine

cnc profiling machine

Successor to the proven and powerful machine concept HK is the new vertical PFC series with two tool turrets. The PFC machines master profiling processes like splitting, folding, and rolling. Profiling respectively radial forming represents a cost-effective alternative for the production of pulleys. Pulleys machined from castings, or from solid, are relatively costly in terms of both, manufacturing time and material.

Profiling - efficient metal forming

The dynamic main spindle and tailstock drive with its increased power provides short acceleration and braking times. The results of the added power and the increased tailstock thrust are the distinctively higher torque during the forming process of poly-v pulleys. This prevents slipping of the workpiece even during high forming power.

Due to two independent tool turrets with four rollers each, the PFC design offers an optimum in flexibility. Both working units allow single as well as simultaneous forming. Even if one roller is still in the profiling process, a second one can be placed into pre-position. For the first time, the new PFC machines combine radial and tangential forming, ensuring substantial reduction in cycle time.

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