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CNC Necking In Machine

Today's high-performance necking-in machines are designed specifically for manufacturing high-pressure gas cylinders. The high surface quality and particularly flat curvatures producible when manufacturing high-pressure gas cylinders are remarkable.

The quality lead is due to a passion for detail: the swinging rest is guided in parallel to the spindle axis on a saddle slide. Its rotating motion provides optimal metal forming. For natural-gas cars, in particular, the economy of space is crucial for high-pressure gas cylinders.

More than 100 assembled and sold machines, operating worldwide, are evidence of superior innovations and product quality provided by Leifeld, making the EN series the world's top-selling necking-in machine. Leifeld's customers particularly appreciate this high efficiency lean manufacturing machine for its short cycle times and maximum forming performance.

Leifeld EN Series Competitive advantages:

  • enduring cost reduction for material and energy
  • cost-efficient production in few work steps
  • low machine costs
  • low tooling costs
  • high degree of material utilization
  • increase of strength and hardness
  • cost-efficient, continuous fiber flow
  • compressed structure
  • complicated or complex geometry
  • one-piece multi-functional devices
  • short tooling times
  • easy adjustment via program change
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