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Leifeld AFPM Series For Lamp Posts & Flag Poles

light pole necking in machine

The new AFPM machine concept has unbeatable advantages for producing cylindrical, conical or even stepped tubes and poles due to high flexibility, low investment and tooling costs, as well as drastic weight saving potentials.

The hybrid AFPM technology (Automatic Flagpole Machine) relies on the sophisticated, market-ready necking-in and flow-forming technologies. The combination of processes, the so-called “Necking-in on movable inner mandrel”, sets new standards for producing long, cylindrical, conical or even stepped profiles.

Chipless Metal Forming

The new chipless metal forming technology will be protected worldwide by patent. One considerable enhancement of the new combined technology is its high level of versatility due to flexible handling of nearly any diameter courses which can be realized even with long pipes. The adaptation of wall thicknesses in masts fosters the natural material strength properties and drastic weight savings. Compared to conventional procedures weight savings of up to 35% are possible. The result is quite impressive: stable, light-weight and durable poles or similar products.





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