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cnc flow forming machines

The proven Leifeld machine series FFC, which successfully pioneered in the early 90’s the manufacture of complex geometries has today been further developed. The newly developed machine concept of the FFC series has a lean design due to its vertical construction, allowing optimal use of space. The machine is especially designed for production of complex drive components, as for instance thin-walled, external and internal gear teethed lamellae support, and clutch housings. Complex double clutch housings with external gear teeth or with the new synchronic unit can be as well simply produced.

Flow Forming: near-net-shape, flexible, and cost-efficient

Especially in automotive industry, the demand for weight savings, small series and low production costs is high. The ace up our sleeve: Leifeld flow-forming technology. Conventional procedures reach their limits fast when producing complex workpieces. Flow forming provides vast potential for weight optimization and savings of production steps. Complex workpieces can be produced in one clamping with diverse operations. As a standard, flow forming in both directions and at the same time profiling is included. Only low remachining by metal-cutting is necessary. This results in decreased production costs.

With CNC, the six axes of the FFC machine can be controlled independently. This is a convincing advantage, offering highest precision for the inside and outside dimensions of workpieces. Using robots, the machine can be loaded and unloaded synchronously. Additionally, high forming velocities result in shortest cycle times in production.

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