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International Technologies is proud to be the North American distributor of the Leifeld Metal Spinning Machines. Leifeld is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of machine tools for chipless metal forming. Leifeld's variety of machines allows companies to best meet their spinning and flow forming needs.

Leifeld's high quality and innovative CNC metal spinning machines produce the best results possible for serial production needs. Metal spinning provides material hardening while cutting costs on material and weight. 


The flow forming systems from Leifeld allow companies to use a more efficient production process by cutting costs for energy and material, while increasing workload and product lifetime.



Leifeld EN series:

metal spinning Leifeld has produced, sold and implemented more than 100 necking-in machines. These numbers only begin to show Leifeld's innovative competence and product quality. The company's dedication to high performance and optimal efficiency has allowed their machines to become the top-selling CNC necking-in machines. Leifeld's machines create the best quality products in the least amount of time. Get further information about the world champion by reading more about the Leifeld EN Series CNC Necking In Machines.

Leifeld KSA series:

flow formingThe Leifeld KSA series Metal Forming Machine is a high precision CNC horizontal profiling machine, commonly used in manufacturing of demanding safety equipment. This machine has easy to use technology that produces top of the line results. Leifeld's KSA series allows for maximum efficiency and minimal costs. With innovative tools and measuring techniques, the KSA series can produce a solution for any metal forming needs.  

Leifeld Metal Profiling PFC series:

metal profiling machine leifeld pfc

The PFC machines master profiling processes like splitting, folding, and rolling. Profiling respectively radial forming represents a cost-effective alternative for the production of pulleys. For the first time, the new PFC machines combine radial and tangential forming, ensuring substantial reduction in cycle time.

Leifeld SC Metal Spinning Center Series:

metal spinning centers

The current SC series of Leifeld spinning machines operate via playback CNC-control and are a competitive alternative to established processes such as deep drawing. Machine efficiency is among the most outstanding features: combinable manufacturing potential, low tooling costs, fast manufacturing processes and a high product range increase considerably the degree of utilization.

Leifeld Flow Forming ST series:

leifeld flow forming

The cylindrical flow forming from Leifeld’s ST series allows great potential for weight optimization, reduction of production steps, and control of wall thicknesses. They are ideal for the manufacturing of rotationally symmetric precision hollows. These forming machines allow for reduced energy and material costs while keeping the excellence in the materials and productivity. 

Leifeld Vertical Flow Forming Center - FFC series:

vertical flow forming machine

The proven Leifeld machine series FFC, which successfully pioneered in the early 90’s the manufacture of complex geometries has today been further developed. The newly developed machine concept of the FFC series has a lean design due to its vertical construction, allowing optimal use of space

Leifeld Flow Forming Machine - WSC series:

metal spinning machine

The problem of lightweight construction, especially in the automotive industry, is solved by resource-saving wheel flow-forming technology. The Leifeld WSC Series offers excellent product quality, resulting in light and at the same time stable wheels. These machines continuously maintain cost-effectiveness and low machine costs. The program associated with the WSC series allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Leifeld Flow Forming & Necking In Machine - AFPM series:

AFPM metal spinning machine

The new AFPM machine concept has unbeatable advantages for producing cylindrical, conical or even stepped tubes and poles due to high flexibility, low investment and tooling costs, as well as drastic weight saving potentials.








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