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C-One 1300 & 1600 Servo-Electric Press Brake

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C-One 1300 & 1600 Servo-Electric Press Brake

For those needing a little more strength, length and tonnage, or need multiple tool stations to get the job done, the C-One 1300 & 1600 servo-electric press brake is the one to look at. Packing 50 tons of knockout bending force with either a 51” or 63” working length, they can do a whole lot for any shops’ production needs. As with all C-One contenders, a direct servo-electric ball screw drive system is used to position the ram to accuracies of +/- 0.000039”.  

 Our standard system has 3 axis CNC control(Y, X, and R), and European style punch holders. Up to 5 axis gauging systems are optionally available, as are a wide variety of light guarding systems, from SICK to Laser Safe. And if you desire a different style of tooling, C-One’s work with any style in the business.

So, if you want the world heavyweight champ in lean metal forming on your card, the the C-1300, or C-1600 servo-electric press brake brings it all.  With it’s touch-screen control in charge, it will put your slower, more lethargic hydraulic presses down for the count.

 Basic technical specification:

  • Tonnage: 50 Tons
  • Maximum Bending Length: 51” or 63”
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