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C-One 900 Servo-Electric Press Brake

cone 900 press brake


The C-One 900 servo-electric press brake is the next step up in lean muscle from the C-One 500. With an impressive 25 tons of bending force over 34”, it is the number one contender both here and abroad.

The C-One 900 is absolutely the perfect combination of tonnage and length, making it uniquely flexible. Put it in a cell, alongside a laser, even move from one area of the shop to the next to support changing production demands. Ergonomically comfortable to operate, either standing for larger parts or sitting for those long runs of small tedious components. And when being spot-on is a must to maintain part quality, the direct servo-electric ball screw drive system holds ram accuracies to +/- 0.000039”.

The standard system sports 3 axes of CNC control (Y, X, and R), and European style punch holders. A wide variety of light guarding systems are available, from SICK to Laser Safe. And if you want to throw on a different style of tooling, C-One’s work with any style you desire.

 So, if you want a really lean contender in the middle weight servo-electric arena, complete with amazing accuracy, and the ability to “rope a dope” those cumbersome, oily, hot, overweight hydraulic brakes, then the C-One 900 can go the distance, and is the one you want in your corner.

Basic technical specification:

  • Tonnage:                     25 tons
  • Max. bending length:   34"
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