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C-One 500 Servo-Electric Press Brake

cone 500 press brake

The C-One 500 Servo-Electric Press Brake


The C-One 500 is the smallest member of the newest generation of servo-electric press brakes manufactured by CoastOne. Yet, like all wiry lightweight boxers, brings lightning quickness and power with 20 tons of bending force over a maximum bending length of 22”, representing the perfect platform for the smallest parts in your shop. And thinner parts that require a higher ram accuracy get full benefit from the ball screw drive providing a ram accuracy of +/- 0.000039”, 10 times the accuracy of hydraulically driven press brakes!

The standard system has a 3 axis CNC control: (Y, X, and R) and European style punch holders. Optionally available are a wide variety of light guarding systems, from SICK to Laser Safe. And if you desire different tooling sets, C-One’s are configurable to work with any style you select.

But more importantly, the entire lean C-One line will also knock out the fat from your manufacturing process, from increased production velocity to staggering ecological and financial impacts. Running an overweight, cumbersome, fluid consuming, power hungry hydraulic press brake literally KO’s the environment, and your bottom line goes down for the count. Servo-electrics are just the opposite. Energy efficient, highly accurate, fast and powerful. They represent an extremely high return on investment. And, that means lean, green production machines and the championship profit belt around your waist!

Basic technical specification: 

  • Tonnage: 20 Tons
  • Maximum Bending Length: 22”


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