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ACF Corner Former Applications

The variety for individual requirements

corner forming special angles

Special Corner Angles:
minimum 45° up to maximum 150°

corner forming radius

Special Corner Radius:
minimum 2mm up to maximum 100mm

corner forming with notches

Special Corner Notches

special corner design

Special Corner Designs

corner forming with flange

DOOR for electrical cabinet -
large reverse flange

enameled corner forming

WALLCOVER - enameled for tunnels
MILD STEEL - deep draw material

heavy gauge corner forming

COVER - heavy gauge

corner forming covers

COVER for icemaking machine
MILD STEEL - galvanized

aluminum corner forming

COVER for suitcase
ALUMINUM - special surface

gasoline tank formed with the corner former

TRUCK - gasoline tank / sidewall

dry cleaning cover

COVER - dry cleaning machine

reverse flange door corner

DOOR for electrical cabinet -
reverse flange

corner forming doors for electrical cabinets

DOOR for electrical cabinet
standard corner

stainless steel corner forming

BOTTOM PAN for chemical unit

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