Coast One Electric Press Brakes

International Technologies is proud to be the North American importer and distributor of Coast One Electric Press Brakes. Well-suited to small production runs, with an excellent accuracy proļ¬le and state-of-the-art control technology, the CoastOne is an excellent replacement for large, capital-intensive press brakes. Choose International Technologies to upgrade your metal fabrication capabilities.

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MVD Machine Tools

bus bar bending machines

International Technologies is proud to distribute MVD machine tools.

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Band Saws

karmetal band saws

International Technologies is proud to be a distributor of Karmetal USA Bandsaws.

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Corner Forming Machines

acf corner former

The flexible corner former for panel and door fabrication allows you to create high quality corners up to 10x faster than welding, which reduces cost.

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Spot Welding Machines

spot welding machine

The Koyo-Giken My Spot spot welding machine is the first advancement in spot welding since, well... the spot welder itself. It is by itself revolutionizing spot welding.

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